Exhibition at the Gastwerk Hotel in Hamburg

Encouraging and Opening New Rooms For Experiences
On 23 August 2005 the 'Modern Heroes' exhibition was opened at the Gastwerk hotel.

The exhibition invites people to step out of their stress and day-to-day routine and embark on a fascinating journey. A journey during which everybody will have the chance to discover the most miraculous and exciting parts of our planet: our own potential for happiness.

The exhibition's pictures, flags and modern media do not merely want to inform the visitor on projects inviting them to help. Their intention is to create a tension between the visitors' inner perception  - 'Who am I anyway, to be seen as brilliant?' - and the experience of the unifying power of the outside images and texts about people who followed their call and developed supra-personal commitment.

The exhibition ended on 5 September 2005

Further dates in larger German cities will be arranged