Caty Hartung
Member of the Board of the Diamantweg trust
There is a path towards happiness

We have the freedom to choose and to take conscious decisions. Many people do not even know, to what extent they can design the situations in their lives. They are held captive by an overflow of emotions, habits and incidents without keeping a distance to what is happening. I gained the awareness for this freedom through a sentence from my teacher: 'You can pick the good cigars and leave the bad ones. You can choose what film to watch.' If we translate this into one's individual perceptions it means: 'You either follow positive thoughts and situations and experience similar incidents, or you take the trouble and the difficulties seriously, hence rendering them more vivid.' As you unmask a situation as difficult or negative you can simply let it pass by without having to deal with it. It is exactly about the moment of unmasking, the moment before the deed, before the uncontrolled emotional outburst. Once you know this, it actually becomes quite simple and a turbulent life will turn into a pleasant flow.

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