Frank Schultes
Orthopaedic technician and paramedic
We are family

At first glance our team surely seems to be a highly diverse lot. But it is more important to me to have good material, so that we can be on the spot within a few hours and can start rescue operations rather than wearing identical uniforms. That is why our team is one of the few task forces that live up to the USAR top standard and work accordingly.
All the guys underwent a technical training up to B1, which is the top level for professional fire brigades and all of them are paramedics, certified by the German standard exams. This means: if the worst comes to the worst, we save lives under the most adverse circumstances and under all possible and impossible technical conditions. My dredgers, for example, may seem cool to you, but they can lift a shovel with a length of 15 metres for just one centimetre - and not a single millimetre more. You do not find that too often, they are simply absolute experts.