Gerhard Wegner
Chairman of the SHARKPROJECT e.V.
Just do it and time and money will follow

I somewhat feel that everybody in this world has a task to fulfil, to make the world a little better. Since I have been fascinated by sharks for many years, it was easy to choose my task. There is probably no other animal on this planet that has been as mis-perceived as sharks. And they are currently threatened by extinction. In April 2002 I met the renowned shark expert, Dr Erich Ritter, on one of the small islands of the Bahamas. It was sympathy and like-mindedness at first sight. We used napkins and beer mats to write down the ideas for a shark protection programme that we came up with during that night. All of them were based on the insight that human beings will only protect the things they are not afraid of, which means: sharks had to be de-demonized before anything else. That was the beginning of "SharkProject", an international initiative for the protection and study of sharks. It was born as an idea on a small island and has become one of the globally most active and renowned shark protection organisations.

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