Paul van Dyk
I mean what I do

As soon as you gain an understand for complex situations you can make something out of your life. Without such a momentum there is no chance. This applies to inhabitants of a Bombay slum as it does to kids from a socially critical environment in Berlin. But education starts way before kindergarten or elementary school. Why is it that some kids in the first grade can already read while others haven't even understood how to read the clock?
It is horrifying how physically incapable kids have become in the meantime. It is almost like in 'Rain Man': if you throw a ball at them it will hit their head and bounce off. We laugh about it, but it is the bitter reality. This is why we will open a kind of travel agency for kids here in Berlin. We organise trips to the countryside, e.g. Straussberg, so that the kids can run through the woods for a whole day, climb up trees and look at mushrooms.

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