Prof. Christian Pfeiffer
Director of the KFN, Hanover
Watching the box does not teach you anything

It is for good reasons that Germany performed poorly in the PISA survey. The average age of television, computer, play station and DVD recorder owners in children's rooms is constantly decreasing. If children are baby-sit by TV sets for hours and hours and if a shortage of life shapes their childhood, because the other person is missing, they will not properly learn the language. We hope that our research project and educational work will help parents to understand that it is their primary task to motivate their children to be anchored in life and not to waste their time with hours of computer games and TV. It is about making reading attractive for children and to show them, what pleasure it can be to do active sports, be a member of a musical group or the fire brigade or to spend one's leisure time doing something meaningful together with other children.

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