The Modern Heroes project

was founded in 2003, as the authors of this book were sitting at a campfire late at night talking to friends and telling stories about people, who inspired them by what they are doing or had done. Those people were Alfred Nobel, Albert Hoffmann, Patch Adams, Joanna K. Rowling and many more. A little later Nelson Mandela and his inaugural speech in 1994 were mentioned:

?Our greatest fear is not that we re imperfect. Our greatest fear is that we are boundlessly powerful.?

Back then we asked ourselves, if not many more of those stories should be told, to encourage oneself and others to make a positive difference in this world. It is, after all, the joy and the faith in mankind, that again and again makes us discover the miracles of this world.

In the meantime this idea has evolved further and we are working with more and more friends in an organization at the following projects:

  • A CD with parts of the interviews, mixed with good music
  • ?Modern Heroes? events
  • International projects