Moderne Helden
Michael Fuchs und Steffen Gill
Kamphausen-Verlag, 184 Seiten, broschiert, 1. Aufl. 2005
ISBN: 3-89901-055-8
Preis: 20,- Euro
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Join the life and share the perspectives of ?Modern Heroes?

In a more comprehensive way way than this webpage possibly can the book ?Modern Heroes? portraits people, who have become active in this world - way beyond their personal goals.

You are allowed to glimpse behind the scenes and into the mind and adventures of 49 individuals, who would like to achieve a double benefit - for themselves and for others. It tells the stories of spectacular and outstanding actions as well as those of unobtrusive and seemingly everyday deeds and always explains the same principle:

Somebody who faces life with the right motivation and contributes to the life of others in a constructive manner, will receive the greatest gift as a side effect - a precious and unique life.