Change the world "here and now"

The project "Modern Heroes" wants to encourage people to think and act beyond personal goals in everyday situations as well as in extraordinary situations. It wants to unite people, who inspire others by what they do.
It its about changing the way you see yourself in this world and about raising the awareness, that you are able to actively create your own happiness and the happiness of others.
"Modern Heroes" is a non-profit organization offering different activities aimed at encouraging people to act beyond their personal goals and to support them in their projects and deeds.
The organization was founded based on the insight, that individual happiness is always connected with other people and that one's inner motivation is the key to a joyful and fulfilled life. Its aims are:

  • to convince people that acting beyond their personal goals is meaningful and possible. To this end it organizes public events, meetings, seminars, congresses, lectures and publications
  • to support people from all areas of life in their active and non-selfish commitment expressing itself in a spirit of democracy, freedom and humanity
  • to establish the respective networks and communities
  • to grant motivated young people and citizens the required know-how and access to expert-networks for the fulfilment of their projects
  • to facilitate sponsoring and financial support for selected projects by handing out the "Modern Heroes" award every year

Being a non-profit, private and cultural organization, we feel obliged to the ideas and basic values of social democracy. Following "Open Source" principles, the basic guidelines for interviews, workshops, projects and events are available, so that emulation in a big or small context will be possible for everybody. Things will only change, if have people who work for the whole!
Hence, the organization itself, in its own particular way, wants to serve as an example for the idea of spreading knowledge and happiness for the well-being of everybody.