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Modern Heroes is led by Lee Malcher. A member of the Hero's Journey Foundation alumni, he is an experienced entrepreneur, coach, mentor and facilitator in the fields of values and purpose based personal development.

Over 15 years experience leading individuals, groups and organizations towards activating and integrating their human potential. Lee's own hero's journey revealed to him the value and balance of walking in two worlds. In one world he is a former athlete and experienced entrepreneur, spending the last 15 years leading teams, building online businesses and advising startups and large brands.

His other foot walks intently in the world of personal growth. In 2016, Lee was introduced to the Hero's Journey Foundation and, after life changing experiences with the organization has since been committed to opening the door to self discovery for others, in the same way it was opened for him.

He is a group facilitator, guide, mentor and certified Jungian Life coach.