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Facilitated group conversations focused on that activating your inner hero.


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values & purpose based Guidance & support

Hero circles are facilitated online support groups for men and women seeking, discovering and integrating their values and purpose driven human potential.

It's a safe space to align with your inner-hero by gathering feedback, guidance and support from fellow heroes living through similar life experiences and challenges.



No matter how much self-growth we've worked on, life can often knock us of course. Our circles help you re-align by connecting you with individuals in similar life situations as you, share and receive feedback & guidance, build supportive friendships and save time over going it alone.


What Modern heroes Are saying

“Modern Heroes has been the perfect way to gently ease me in to the self-work required to unlock my potential and purpose.”

SteVEN Parker, CA - CEO

 “Modern Heroes has made it possible to finish some old stories that were holding me back in life."

Jemma Pritchard, FL - Actor

“The Modern Heroes Academy training equipped me with all the resources, tools and knowledge I need to move forwards into the unknown."

Terrence James- Executive

I need more than my life coach sessions give me, so I joined the hero circles to chat about what work I'm going through with others also doing the work!

Dean Brown, OH


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HEROES DON't HAve to Go it Alone!

Many of us lack supportive family, friendships, community, and a safe place to work through challenges. This often means these friendships lack support. This isolation can take a toll. Going it alone can lead to:

  • Poor Boundaries
  • Bad Habits & Addictions
  • People-pleasing
  • Unsteady Relationships
  • Anxiety, Overwhelm & Depression
  • Poor communication skills
  • Lack of motivation and decision making
what we do

We're in it TOGETHER

We offer a valuespurpose based support system that helps you go from where you are now to where you want to go. Imagine your life with:

  • Supportive friends who have your back
  • An improved relationship with your partner
  • Better boundaries & less people-pleasing
  • More sense of community, and brotherhood/sisterhood
  • More clarity on your values, purpose and career
  • A faster recovery from a breakup, divorce, or infidelity
  • All of which leads to a more fulfilled life!

WE Tackle LIFE challenges HEAD ON

Divorce & Breakups

Breakups, divorces, separations, and infidelities can be tough. You’ll move through your breakup quicker and easier with a group of guys who can relate and offer guidance.

People Pleasing Syndrome

Hearing how other men and women set and respect healthy boundaries will help you learn how to do the same. People pleasers in recovery benefit greatly from a hero circle.


Having a group of supportive people to  receive guidance on how to better communicate and handle relationship challenges in healthier ways, will dramatically improve your relationships.

Managing Emotions

Learning how others  manage their emotions in healthy ways will help shape how you manage your own feelings. You will develop more emotional intelligence just by being a part of a hero circle.


Parenting and managing family issues can be challenging a lot of the time. You’ll find these things easier to navigate with a supportive group of guys who are also trying to be better dads and get better at managing family drama.

Breaking Habits

Unhealthy substances, behaviors, and other bad habits are easier to manage when you have a supportive group of heroes who are trying to make similar changes. Many people give up these things for good since becoming part of our regular hero circles.

Trusting Friends

It’s not always easy to find and build friendships. We find and intro you to people who are focused on personal growth and desire community & friends. Just having to explain your situation and how you feel about it will sharpen your communication sword.


You don’t just benefit from receiving feedback and guidance, you also get a lot from supporting others through their situations. This will give you a sense of community and purpose. It will make you feel even better about yourself.



No contracts. No surprise fees. 100% Money-back guarantee.

"The weekly Hero Circles are a safe space to be your wild, true self with other heroes."
David Clemence - PA


Our weekly Hero circles are more affordable than therapy.


*3 months min.
*Until Cancelled

best value

More affordable than:

Individual Therapy: $300+ per session
Executive Coaching: $250+ per session


hero Circle BENEFITS

"Modern Heroes is the perfect supplement to my regular therapy and self-work. Being in a community of people who are living through similar challenges offers invaluable comfort and supoprt"
John Derrick - Nashville, TN
Why a Hero's Circle?

Valuable alternative

One-on-one counseling or therapy sessions can cost upwards of $150-250 per hour. Our Hero Circle support groups are much more affordable. Here you’ll get 8 hours per month at a small fraction of the cost. Online Hero Circles are the most affordable option for starting your personal growth journey.

what we do

Convenient & Confidential

You can attend Hero Circles from the comfort of your own home office, or while you're on the move. Running into people from your support group on the street is a challenge for many. Online groups are much more confidential, with attendees from different states and even countries! So feels more anonymous and confidential.


Led by experienced FACILITATORS & coaches

Modern Hero Bootcamp is led by Lee Malcher and Tony Craig. Part of the Hero's Journey Foundation alumni, both are experienced entrepreneurs, facilitators and mentors in the fields of values & purpose based human emergence and personal development coaching. Together, they have over 15 years of collective experience leading individuals, groups and organizations towards activating their human potential.

Sara Marker

John Doe

Atena Lit

Atan Findue



Here's what you get when you sign up for our Hero Circle monthly subscription:



This is the place where you can share and get feedback on whatever is on your mind. We allocate you to either a mens or women's group that you will meet with bi-weekly on Zoom video conferencing. This is the supportive crew of heroes that will have your back through anything.

What's Included

2. Drop in Groups

Each week we host drop-in groups via Zoom video conferencing in order to provide you access to support whenever you need it. A welcoming, safe space to check-in, support, or just simply listen and be present.


3. Free 1 hour private mentorship session

As a welcome gift you'll receive a FREE one-on-one personal mentorship session with one of our experienced facilitators.

What's Included


You can post a question 24/7 and get quick supportive answers within minutes. Find other heroes going through similar things as you and discuss those topics in real-time. Every single day we have guys posting questions and getting empathy and guidance as well as connecting one-on-one via direct message



This is where we get a chance to laugh, and make friendships over a number of informal social meetings on the Clubhouse app. No video in these hangouts, just an online stage, (led by a facilitator to make sure nobody dominates), with free-flowing conversation and discussions. Feel free to request the mic!



Still unsure? Here are some answers to common questions we are asked.



You can try out our men’s groups without any risk. If you don’t like our community for any reason and want your money back, just reply to any of our emails and we’re happy to issue a refund.


$49 p/m

(3 Month Minimum / Until Cancelled)

best value


Weekly Hero Circles

Bi-Weekly Drop In Support Group

1x Free Hero Circle

No Contract. Leave Any Time

Free Private Mentorship Session

Monthly Social Hangouts

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100% Money Back Guarantee

*All fees are billed in USD.



Until Cancelled

best value

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Weekly Hero Circles

Bi-Weekly Drop In Support Group

Weekly Newsletter

No Contract. Leave Any Time

Free Private Mentorship Session

Monthly Social Hangouts

Facebook Group Membership

100% Money Back Guarantee

*All fees are billed in USD.

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1x Free Hero Circle

100% Money Back Guarantee

No Contract. Leave Any Time.



We offer a community and platform that prepares and supports individuals on the heroic journey human potential through psychological and consciousness development, evolution and transformation.

100% online
through e-learning courses, support groups, on-one mentorship


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