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A values & purpose based human emergence coaching program.

about modern hero bootcamp?

12-week human emergence bootcamp

Modern Hero Bootcamp is a values and purpose based human emergence bootcamp. Over 12 weeks, we'll use the Hero’s Journey story as a framework to learn about and navigate through the conscious and psychological evolution required to activating our inner hero.


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Our intention is to open the door to personal development, evolution and transformation . We introduce bootcamp students to values and purpose based learning materials, support group work, one-on-one coaching sessions, mentorship and more.

Bootcamp CONTENT

here's what we'll work through...

What We'll cover

1. Limiting factors

We'll identify the limiting beliefs blocking you from living your full hero-potential. We'll explore how our basic needs and beliefs can impact our development and how parental, societal and cultural programming has formed your world-views. We'll link your challenges with your beliefs and transform your reactive triggers.

What We'll cover

2. Values

Who you are, what you like, what you dislike and how you make decisions, are all connected to your personal values. They reflect what is important to you and together with your beliefs, drive your decision-making.

Through a lens of your top values, we help you reframe your challenges and use them as personal and leadership growth opportunities.

What We'll cover

3. Purpose

Meaning and purpose is found when we connect with our values and use them as the internal guide and compass to make decisions, navigate through upsets, crisis and life challenges.

We'll work on the emergence of your meaning and purpose by stepping outside your comfort zone into courageous self-authenticity.

What We'll cover

4. Intentions

An intention is a value-based guiding principle for who you want to be and how you want to act, live, and show up in this world.  

If goals are rooted in your tomorrow and where you want to take your life, intentions are rooted in your today and who you’re actively becoming.

We'll work on how to set intentions so you can shifts the focus away from accomplishments and the outcome of your goals, and onto your behavior and the way you choose to live.

What We'll cover

5. alignment

Peace, fulfillment and happiness will naturally flow when you live in alignment with your value and purpose powered intentions.

The Hero's Journey is cyclical, as one journey ends another begins, challenging our alignment. The Modern Heroes Mentorship can be your supporting companion no-matter what stage of the journey you are living through.


modern heroes. modern methods.

Our bootcamp program is 100% online. It consists of a combination of exercises, quizzes and worksheets though our on-demand video course, one-on-one mentorship sessions and weekly group calls (hero circles) and hangouts via Zoom.


mentors, allies & heroes

You'll be joined and supported by fellow heroes and mentors who will help you discover, understand and guide you through the new and unknown challenges encountered on the journey to activating your inner hero.


what is the hero's journey?

Every hero story begins with a call to adventure and a deep inner-yearning for something more. It continues with a courageous step into the unknown, a separation from the world we know, and a series of encounters and challenges with allies, mentors and enemies. It concludes with an epic final battle with a dark force and a return home again, this time with an invaluable prize... the discovery of our values & purpose.


What is a modern hero?

A Modern Hero is the everyday individual who is wholeheartedly committed to living into the Hero's Journey story.

A Modern Hero overcomes the fears of stepping into the unknown and at comfort with the endless cycles of separation, initiation and return.

The Modern Hero understands the values and purpose of the gifts they discover in the bellies of the beasts they face, and integrates them in order to realize their very own hero potential.

ABOUT Modern Hero bootcamp


The Modern Hero Bootcamp is for individuals who:

  • Are called to explore or begin personal growth but are unsure where to start.
  • Who want to create a significant shift in their lives and an action plan to move forward with.
  • Are currently living through challenging life experiences and desire the support and guidance of other heroes.
  • Are looking for deeper meaning, purpose and authenticity and a framework to discover it.
  • Desire a companion program for support while navigating through different stages of the hero's journey.
  • Are entrepreneurs, executives and athletes struggling for balance in high pressure conditions.
    Are fed up with being a "self-help" junkie frustrated with inconsistent motivation
    Are professionals, entrepreneurs, athletes, artists or parents considering career changes, changes of environment or navigating mid-life crises.
bootcamp content

What you get:

12x Weekly Group Calls
3x Monthly Personal Mentorship Sessions
6x Social Hangouts
On-Demand Video Course
Free Book
Facebook Group



You'll become more aware of unhealthy behavioral habits and patterns in your life and more insight into who you are and who you want to become.

Values & Purpose

You'll have a clearer understanding of your values, purpose and meaning- forming your very own roadmap that will guide you through the next stages of your Hero's Journey

Unlocked Potential

Learning how to unlock, understand, harness and unleash the power of your human-potential will better prepare you for future journeys ahead in your life.


Become part of a group of like-minded people evolving into the best version of themselves and supporting each other on the journey.


What Modern heroes Are saying

“Modern Heroes has been the perfect way to gently ease me in to the self-work required to unlock my potential and purpose.”

SteVEN Parker, CA - CEO

 “Modern Heroes has made it possible to finish some old stories that were holding me back in life."

Jemma Pritchard, FL - Actor

“The Modern Heroes Academy training equipped me with all the resources, tools and knowledge I need to move forwards into the unknown."

Terrence James- Executive

I need more than my life coach sessions give me, so I joined the hero circles to chat about what work I'm going through with others also doing the work!

Dean Brown, OH


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Online Community


modern HERO bootcamp

Donation based*. No contracts. No surprise fees. 100% Money-back guarantee.

"The weekly Hero Circles are a safe space to be your wild, true self with other heroes."
David Clemence - PA


  • 12 Live Weekly Group Calls
  • 3x Monthly Personal Mentorship Sessions
  • On-Demand Video Course
  • Free Book
  • Social Hangouts
  • Facebook Group

recommended donation.

*Our program is donation based (minimum $150). The recommended donation amount is based on a combination of the value of the program, time invested by our volunteer team and affordability for heroes like you.

best value

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"Modern Heroes is the perfect supplement to my regular therapy and self-work. Being in a community of people who are living through similar challenges offers invaluable comfort and supoprt"
John Derrick - Nashville, TN
what's included

here's exactly what you get

When you enroll in our 12-Week Modern Hero Bootcamp program you'll get:


1.  3x personal mentorship sessions

These three, 90 minute, once a month mentorship sessions with one of our skilled mentors and facilitators will be a safe, private and confidential space for you to explore and be guided into the deeper depths of your journey. They can also offer a more personal environment to just be heard and supported.

What's Included


Hero Circles are weekly group calls with fellow Hero Academy members you'll have during the 12-week duration. This is the place where you can share and get feedback on whatever is on your mind with your orientation group. We allocate you to either a mens or women's group that you will meet with weekly on Zoom video conferencing. This is the supportive crew of heroes and mentors who will guide you through anything you are living through.


3. Drop in Groups

Each week we host drop-in groups via Zoom video conferencing in order to provide you access to support whenever you need it. A welcoming, safe space to check-in, support, or just simply listen and be present.

What's Included


You can post a question 24/7 and get quick supportive answers within minutes. Find other heroes going through similar things as you and discuss those topics in real-time. Every single day we have guys posting questions and getting empathy and guidance as well as connecting one-on-one via direct message



This is where we get a chance to laugh, and make friendships over a number of informal social meetings on the Clubhouse app. No video in these hangouts, just an online stage, (led by a facilitator to make sure nobody dominates), with free-flowing conversation and discussions. Feel free to request the mic!

What's Included

6. FREE copy of the Modern heroEs handbook

Created with the intention to provide a supporting roadmap for everyone navigating the heroic, often solitary journey of personal growth, development and evolution.



Donation based*. No contracts. No surprise fees.


one time payment

*Our program is donation based (minimum $150). The recommended donation amount is based on a combination of the value of the program, time invested by our volunteer team and affordability for heroes like you.



12 Weekly Hero Circles

On-Demand Video Course

Drop-in Groups

FREE Copy of Heroes Handbook

3 Monthly Mentorship Sessions

Monthly Social Hangouts

Facebook Group Membership

100% Money Back Guarantee

*All fees are billed in USD.


recommended donation

*This offer is donation based (minimum $150). The recommended donation amount is based on a combination of the value of the program, time invested by our volunteer team and affordability for heroes like you.


modern hero bootcamp.

12 Weekly Hero Circles

On-Demand Video Course

Drop-in Groups

FREE Copy of Heroes Handbook

3 Monthly Mentorship Sessions

Monthly Social Hangouts

Facebook Group Membership

Weekly Newsletter

*All fees are billed in USD. Refunds not available on donations.

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100% Money back guarantee (except on domations).


We offer a community and platform that prepares and supports individuals on the heroic journey human potential through psychological and consciousness development, evolution and transformation.

100% online
through e-learning courses, support groups, on-one mentorship‍


frequently asked questions

Still unsure? Here are some answers to common questions we are asked.



Modern Hero Bootcamp is led by Lee Malcher and Tony Craig. Part of the Hero's Journey Foundation alumni, both are experienced entrepreneurs, facilitators and mentors in the fields of values & purpose based human emergence and personal development coaching. Together, they have over 15 years of collective experience leading individuals, groups and organizations towards activating their human potential.

Lee Malcher

Head of Human Emergence

Modern Hero Mentorship program is led by Lee Malcher. A member of the Hero's Journey Foundation alumni, he is an experienced entrepreneur, coach, mentor and facilitator in the fields of values and purpose based personal growth and human emergence.

Over 15 years experience leading individuals, groups and organizations towards activating and integrating their human potential. Lee's own hero's journey revealed to him the value and balance of walking in two worlds. In one world he is a former athlete and experienced entrepreneur, spending the last 15 years leading teams, building online businesses and advising startups and large brands.

His other foot walks intently in the world of personal growth. In 2016, Lee was introduced to the Hero's Journey Foundation and, after life changing experiences with the organization has since been committed to opening the door to human emergence for others, in the same way it was opened for him.

He is a group facilitator, guide, mentor and head of human emergence at Modern Heroes.

Tony Craig

Tony  is a men’s embodiment coach, group facilitator, and evolutionary guide. He helps men drop in and wake up to deeper clarity in their life’s purpose and relationships.

Tony believes every man should be in a men’s group for the growth and support opportunities they provide. He applies an integral framework to all the work he offers, drawing on many disciplines and modalities to effectively serve.


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